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Jackie Pamment Acupuncture for health and happiness.

I am an experienced acupuncturist offering Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture for a wide range of conditions and also specialist Acupuncture treatment for pain, anxiety, headaches & migraines, neck,  shoulder and back pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture can help your body function better in all kinds of ways. It has proven its power over hundreds, in-fact thousands of years, and with a good  acupuncturist like me you’ll find you can tackle health issues and their underlying causes.

Here are some of the things acupuncture treatment commonly achieves:

  • Helps your body move and function better.
  • Helps you to relax more deeply which eases your stress levels
  • Helps you sleep better which is to become rested and restored
  • Strengthens the digestive system, which boosts your energy
  • Encourages the flow of movement and energy in you
  • Which, in time, helps you to feel better, and feel more You again!



Acupuncture works for both physical and emotional well-being and it is helpful with a wide range of conditions. 

So why don’t you contact me and get on the road to feeling better now?

For an informal chat or to make an appointment, call or text me on 07789 905390 or e-mail

The elements of  treatment:

Traditional acupuncture – treats the ‘whole person’ not symptoms

Traditional Acupuncture can help your body function better in all kinds of ways. it is also calming to the nervous system and can help you feel more emotionally balanced. Acupuncture is a gentle yet effective form of treatment that focuses on the ‘whole person’ not isolated symptoms.

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Trigger point acupuncture – can dramatically reduce pain

A style of acupuncture developed through the western scientific method, in the 1950s, which can dramatically reduce pain, and improve the flexibility and movement of muscles and joints.

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Therapeutic Massage – the power of touch

A mixture of skill and intuition brings the therapeutic effect of massage, and the comfort and pleasure of touch, to some acupuncture treatments. 

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Professional Mentoring and Supervision

I provide mentoring/supervision for acupuncturists and other complementary therapists.

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