Acupuncture – what you can expect

Coming for traditional acupuncture is an opportunity to discuss your overall well-being as well as whatever specific concerns you have. After exploring in detail what specifically you have come for, I will want to find out about your all-round state of health and about you in your home and work environment; everything you say is confidential.

Typically, a course of acupuncture begins with 3-4 weekly sessions. Issues which have been around for a long time generally require a longer course of acupuncture than recent ones.

Body and mind are totally interlinked in traditional acupuncture. You, the client, set the tone and scope of sessions so that we may find ourselves focussing more on a physical level of the body or more on a mental-emotional level. Treatments are very individual and are assessed afresh for each person every time they come.

As well as using a small number of acupuncture needles, at carefully chosen acupuncture points, treatments may include the therapy of warming points, known as ‘moxibustion’, cupping techniques, massage, and modern acupuncture techniques such as trigger point acupuncture.

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