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The massage you would receive as part of Acupuncture treatments is best described as ‘holistic massage‘as the depth and style is chosen and tailored to suit you. I have many years of ‘hands on’ experience since I trained in Swedish massage, acupressure and basic aromatherapy in 1995, before studying acupuncture, and in 2015 I undertook an advanced massage training in Deep Massage.

“Nothing beats a great massage!”

Most of us could benefit from a great massage once in a while. Whether we’re feeling tight and sore, recovering from injury or surgery, or need to relax and de-stress.

If you want to have a pure massage, then I recommend and offer the Lauterstein style of massage known as “Deep Massage”.  This means ‘deep’ in the sense of deeply relaxing and ‘profound’, rather than a particularly forceful style of massage.

Your massage can be a whole body massage or back, neck and shoulders. The release from tension will feel as if it comes as a gentle response from the inside outwards, which is a great feeling with a lasting therapeutic effect. Like oil massages, deep massage involves gliding over the skin some of the time, however it does not usually require oils, and this allows for more control and precision in working with places of tension in the body.

A professional deep massage feels wonderful and makes a great gift for anyone.

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