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My Treatment

Coming for traditional acupuncture is an opportunity to discuss your overall well-being as well as whatever specific concerns you have. On your first visit I ask about your current state of health and your medical history. I also ask about your diet, digestion, sleep and emotional state. I will take your pulse, look at your tongue and do a physical examination as appropriate; everything you say is confidential.

Typically, a course of acupuncture begins with 3-4 weekly sessions. We assess and review your progress together regularly. Issues which have been around for a long time generally require a longer course of acupuncture.

I integrate massage, muscles stretches, and modern acupuncture techniques such as trigger point acupuncture, into traditional acupuncture treatments. Where it will be beneficial the traditional Chinese therapy of warming points, known as ‘moxibustion’ is used, and occasionally, cupping.

There is time for talking, for careful listening and discussion, and some quiet time, often when the needles are in, for relaxation. If it seems appropriate, I may offer a guided visualization to help you into a more deeply relaxed state.

During your time with me, you will be encouraged to look at how different areas of your life can contribute to your well-being and support you after you finish your course of acupuncture.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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